Italian Football 2014/2015 7.7

Source:Araneum Group srl Italy

Start the new adventure of Serie A Soccer 2011-2012!

Now you can have all the schedule of games at hand on your Android, always available also without Internet connection (also works in the elevator!)

The program always displays the next day to play, while you can use the toolbar to see the entire calendar or just the matches of your favorite team.

The Toolbar buttons are used respectively to go to the previous day, today, to update data from the server, skip to a special day, view the calendar of your favorite team and go to the next day.

Full support for results, advances and deferred, for both Serie A and Serie B! Coming soon the push notifications, you can receive updates goals and scorers, all for FREE!

Attention: PLEASE all users who are having trouble SENDING AN E-MAIL TO SUPPORT using the appropriate function in the application menu instead of writing NEGATIVE REVIEWS, because we cannot answer it directly on the Android Market! First try to uninstall and reinstall the program, often solves all problems.

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